"People-oriented" is the core concept of our human resources management. We emphasize that employees are a company's most important resource, trusted employees, respect for employees, and rely on the staff, the staff on the management of the main position, dynamic and innovative inspire employees and achieve the full and free development of employees, so that enterprises goals and staff development goals to reach consensus.

The knowledge-based employees are our center of gravity of the human resource management. Knowledge workers to master the use of symbols and concepts, and use of knowledge and information, they create, support, and the development of enterprises, the owner of the enterprise, we pay more attention to the management, to develop their sense of responsibility and the team a sense of belonging, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, to achieve common sustainable development of enterprises and employees.

Knowledge management is the central task of our human resources management. Knowledge management requires employees to share the knowledge they have, we strongly encourage employees to learn, and to promote the exchange and sharing of knowledge, advocating innovative corporate culture, so that every employee Carpenter value was reaffirmed, creativity recognized, innovative ideas or suggestions be fully respected and, for enterprise development dedicated staff proactively so that the wisdom of the enterprise as a whole is enhanced, market-oriented innovation capability is improved.

Flexible management is an important form of human resources management. We use the common values ??and business philosophy of the organization, relying on the common belief, interactive mind flexible management and staff to create a relaxed environment and atmosphere of non-intervention, to give him more authority, so that they become the masters of the work to inspire they create desire to maximize their potential and talent.

Performance management is the main content of our human resources management. Through the development of a performance management plan to manage and support the development of examination and evaluation system, will institutionalize incentives to strengthen the training and other measures to allow employees to participate in corporate management, reached the period of the implementation of the open openness of the purpose of human resource management, capable Yongzhe Liezhe elimination.